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Young professional working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Product Manager, Data Nerd, Entrepreneur, and Web Developer!

Just a little bit about me...

I am a learner! I am always reading new books (Try to finish one a week), I enjoy taking classes from online MOOC's, and I am constantly trying to learn and advance my technological skills.

I am highly rational, I believe in data and data driven decisions. I test into the ENTJ or INTJ personality types. I love to work on big projects with tight deadlines. I enjoy creating new ways to be more efficient.

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Just like everyone else, my story is highly unique. This site is just a snapshot into who I am.

I am not the most active blogger, but I try my best to put out quality over quantity.

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Some of my best skills

Data Analysis

Whether small data or big data, I just want to dig right in and get to work. I love to connect the dots through statistical analysis and data visualization. I strive to tell wonderful and colorful stories. Always working to get better!

Python Programming

This site is all built in django! Programming is one of my favorite hobbies, and has come in handy at work too! I can quickly whip up a minimum viable product (MVP) and present it. Python is a great alternative to R for data analysis, and a way to clean data through regular expressions from NoSQL databases.


No shortage of ideas here! I love to fix efficiency issues for myself and my coworkers. I believe technology is here to help us and not replace us. My unique skill-set helps me execute my wild and innovative ideas. I even used one of my ideas to win a business competition in front of angel investors!

My Projects


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I am always interested in meeting new people; please feel free to reach out.

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