RadiumOne MVP and Innovation Awards

Awarded for making an impact!

  • MVP - Awarded by my peers in recognition of having the most impact on the company during the last year.
  • Innovation - Awarded by my peers for hearing their frustrations and solving their problems by building out the automation tool set that is used globally by internal customers.

August 8th 2016

Began my true calling!

Product Manager

My dream is to build amazing products that solve real problems.

Presently, I am productizing optimization by automating processes, designing new algorithms, and helping teams be more efficient.

July 1st 2016

Developing the future of programmatic advertising

Applied Optimization Developer.

Leveraging my unqiue skills to test, iterate, and develop new tools for my team!

Built a custom internal app using Django and Javascript. Started by literally hacking the old system, but quickly switched to a more stable approach. Gathered requirements, tested new algorithms, iterated constantly, released new features weekly.

January 1st 2016

First full time job!

Optimization Analyst.

Applying data analysis and optimization to my first job!

Working with a ton of data, looking for insights and solving some complex problems all while working with a great team. Client first mentality; focus on delivering value above all.

April 16th 2015

Started work at RadiumOne!

Optimization Intern.

I love to solve big challenges. Luckily I can pursue my passions at RadiumOne!

Working with a very talented group of Optimization analysts. We all come from very different backgrounds, yet we all share a passion for data. We discover proprietary insights with the use of "big data" and intellectual power to best serve digital advertising for our clients.

February 2nd 2015

Rocketspace's RocketU

I attended Rocket Web Developer Bootcamp during my junior summer break.

Coding Bootcamp!

I spent the entire summer learning programming during a 12 week bootcamp. I learned Javascript, Python, Django and I got hooked really fast. In fact, I now spend most of my time working on side projects while taking classes and working during my senior year.

June-August, 2014

Won Saint Mary's Idea Competition March 4th 2014

Pitching to angel investors and colleagues.

I entered this competition after seeing my mom become a victim of price discrepancies in the health-care system. I came up with an idea in less than a week and put together a SWOT analysis. After making the finals at the business competition, I found my idea too broad and pivoted to a system to cure excess capacity using dynamic pricing. This was the first major award I ever won. I learned an incredible amount in a short time because of it.

March 4th, 2014

Transferred to Saint Mary's College of California

Studied Finance but I was always dreaming of technology!

A small school that changed my life for the better!

After working two jobs for long enough, I decided it was time to finish my degree. I picked Saint Mary's because it was a liberal arts college that requires critical thinking, and I could build great relationships with my professors. I love having deep discussions about finance, economics, and great literature in the Seminar program. Saint Mary's is wonderful institution which allowed me to stay in the Bay Area.

August, 2013