Coding Zero to Coding One
By Travis Cockcroft, Aug. 22, 2016

“Wow, what have I signed up for?” That was going through my head the first week of programming bootcamp. I had just spent a week of 10-hour days learning the python programming language. I was nervous as any one could be. I felt so overwhelmed and behind already. I had tried learning programming before the camp. I had taken CodeAcademy and an Udemy course. Here’s the thing, I would get stuck and have no one to talk to for help, so I tended to give up. Programming is hard to learn on your own. It’s hard to learn with someone. Programming is just hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
After the first week the camp started to click. I remember I spent the whole first weekend in my apartment writing a Game of Thrones terminal game. I still smile when I think back to it. Oh boy, was the code ugly. I didn’t even use functions correctly, but most importantly it worked, and it instilled confidence for moving forward. The second week was much better than the first. By the fourth week I was cruising through the program. I was hooked on programming.
My weekends all revolved around working on projects and thinking of coding. I even started to dream of programming, which was borderline nightmarish. Nevertheless, the instructional value of the boot camp I attended was tremendous. They really excelled on teaching us how to solve problems because all programming is really solving problems. Programming felt like a completely new way to think, and it takes a minute to really ramp up.
The Yeti crew is just a top-notch group of people. They made the RocketU experience worthwhile, and would recommend anyone looking for development work to go to them. I think recently they have gone through a change at RocketU, so I cannot vouch for the new instructors. Rocketspace is a great place and I am willing to bet they would hire experienced professionals though.
My experience was great and I would recommend anyone going to a boot camp. There is one thing though; the boot camps are really what you make out of them. If you are someone who wants to put in the work then you won’t get much out of the camp. I knew why I wanted to go to the camp and had realistic goals for the camp. I was not expecting a new career as a software developer, but was looking to add a skill set that would serve me well for next few decades. I achieved exactly what I wanted and fell in love with programming.

My experience was great and I would recommend anyone going to a boot camp.

-Travis Cockcroft