My Projects

Here are a few of my projects that I have built with my web development experience. All my projects also highlight my business acumen because all of them are actually minimum viable products of my wild ideas!

Wealth Concierge


Wealth Concierge recommends portfolios based on a proprietary algorithm that finds your risk profile and takes into account factors such as income, housing costs, and age. Find your portfolio today! You can either take a Demo or log in to see the full features.



Trying to plan events can be time consuming. BookIt helps you find events that fit your schedule. BookIt is synced with Google Calendar and searches for events via meetup, eventbrite, and more to get events based on the difference between two of your calendar appointments and what interests and activities you choose in your profile! Invite your friends and family to find events that work for both of your schedules!



Look in your garage or shed! I bet you have some unused expensive hobby items. I know I have quite a few. HobbySwap makes it easy to rent out those hobby items. While also allowing others to try new hobbies or use some of best equipment for a fraction of the cost. Similar to the other sharing sites out there like AirBnb or RelayRides.